Open and Secure Internet Advocates

About Us

The Open Secure and Internet Advocates (OSIA) are a Georgia Tech student group who affirm to the EFA principles:

  1. Free Expression: People should be able to speak their minds to whomever will listen.
  2. Security: Technology should be trustworthy and should answer to its users.
  3. Privacy: Technology should allow private and anonymous speech, and it should allow users to set their own parameters about what to share with whom.
  4. Creativity: Technology should promote progress by allowing people to build on the ideas, creations, and inventions of others.
  5. Access to Knowledge: Curiosity should be rewarded, not stifled.

We uphold these principles by fighting for transparency and freedom in culture, code, and law.

We invite all Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff who are passionate about the Internet or just curious and want to learn more. Our meeting schedule can be found here

Join the OSIA

If you would like to join our organization click on the link below to sign up on our OrgSync page.