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Here’s you can get started:

  1. Begin a student application here. Fees are $32 annually.
    • When prompted, click Create Account
    • Fill in the first form with your name and email address. Then click Create Account and Continue Joining
    • When prompted, fill in additional contact information and click Save
    • Next, make sure to indicate that you are a student joining IEEE, and enter the degree your are currently pursuing
    • As you scroll down, there will be many specific societies/magazines to subscribe to. You’re welcome to sign up for any that you wish, but IEEE student membership ($32) will already be selected for you as you scroll down
    • Complete the Additional Information section and click Proceed to Checkout at the very bottom
    • Enter your billing information here. At the bottom of the page, click Printable order version(PDF) to get your membership ID. You’ll need this ID for the newsletter, so be sure to write it down. Lastly, finish with Complete Membership Order & Checkout
  2. Join our Newsletter and be sure to enter your membership ID from Step 1 where prompted!

Get Started

Drop by any of our meetings for the IEEE Hardware or Innovation team to experience what we’re all about! Also, watch our for the newsletters.

Benefits of Being a Member of IEEE

Corporate Presentations - We have corporate presentations every other week. Tech companies send representatives to our meetings to talk about the projects they work on. Often times the representatives will stick around after the meeting to answer questions and even take resumes.

Faculty Presentations - We bring in faculty members from Georgia Tech to talk about their research. This presents a great opportunity to make contact with the professors and get involved in faculty research projects.

Leadership, School Involvement, and Networking - Elections are held every year in March and everyone is encouraged to run for a position. We are always looking for additional help with the events we plan, so there are many opportunities to get involved whether or not you are an officer. And lets not forget about all the sponsors you’ll get to interact with.

Competitions and Regional Events - IEEE holds a number of different regional competitions, scholarships, and events every year. We always encourage our students to participate in these events, such as SoutheastCon and IEEEXtreme

Social Activities - Every semester we try to plan a few not-so-technical events, such as game-day tailgates, barbequeues, and movie nights.

Technical Periodicals - Your IEEE Student Membership comes with subscriptions to Spectrum, an award-winning technical magazine, Potentials, which is published by students, and The Institute, an excellent monthly newsletter.

Membership in a Professional Society - You get the satisfaction and prestige of being involved with the largest IEEE Student Branch in the Western Hemisphere! Joining as a student member is much cheaper than joining as a regular member. In addition, student members receive the same benefits as regular members. Even after graduation, a students dues are significantly reduced for five years.

Companies are beating down our door trying to find students who are well-rounded. Students who are actively involved in IEEE are prime candidates and have a good opportunity to meet recruiters who work with and sponsor IEEE activities.