The IEEE Innovation Team is open to anyone of any skill level with an interest in hardware and software projects that could lead into entrepreneurial opportunities. If microcontrollers, quadrocopters, kinect hacks, and the Oculus Rift peak your interest at all, the Innovation Team is the perfect fit for you!

As a team, we hold workshop sessions to learn how to work with Arduino boards, surface-mount electronics components, PCB design software, and Android development kits to get members psyched about the awesome tech we have and to allow them to come up with projects they want to work on.

Members are free to work on any project they want to in any capacity they can. We encourage everyone to stick through a project to the end and to even try entering for the InVenture Prize with it.

Students of ALL MAJORS and ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS are welcome to join us and contribute their awesome ideas!

Feel free to contact our Team Captain for suggestions and questions:

Alex Hoffman

Tuesdays, 6:30–7:30pm in West Architecture 260