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Stopping by Georgia Tech? Looking for our office? Our office is located on the fourth floor of Van Leer!

Van Leer @ Georgia Tech (Main ECE building on campus) 
778 Atlantic Dr NW 
Atlanta, GA 30332, USA 

Interested in sending us any sort of correspondence? Here is our mailing address as well!

Georgia Tech IEEE Student Branch
350267 Georgia Tech Station
Atlanta, Georgia 30332

Officer Board for the 2016 - 2017 School Year

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions with any of our awesome officers.

Keegan Dent

Vice Chair of Corporate Affairs 
John Bell

Corporate Relations Assistant 
John Bell

Vice Chair of Internal Affairs 
Emily Pitts

Sean Sain

Javier Rodriguez

IT Chair 
Soham Gadgil

Hardware Team Captain 
Jon Dolan 

Innovation Team Captains 
William Xia 

Adam Elghor 

Tutoring Services Chairs 
Sreerama Tripuramallu & Ganapathy Hari Narayan

Technical Development Chair 
Don Gi Min

Publicity Chair
Hiba Murali

Student Involvement Chair
Christina Lee 

Conference Chair 
Eric Rafalovsky

WECE Representative 
Emily Pitts

HKN Representative 
Philip Wolfe 

Computer Society Chair 
Animesh Patel

Faculty Advisor 
Dr. Elliot Moore